Angela Merkel’s plane headed to G-20 makes emergency landing

Berlin: The plane carrying German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Argentina’s Capital Buenos Aires for G-20 summit had to make an emergency landing at Cologne airport here on Thursday due to problems in the electronic system of the aircraft.

Sputnik quoted German media sources which informed that Merkel’s Airbus A340-313X VIP nicknamed the “Konrad Adenauer” had to cancel its 15 hours journey because of “a technical problem”.

Firefighters awaited the plane on the runway in the western German city of Cologne as the plane was forced to perform a “hard landing” just an hour after takeoff since it had not drained its 15-hours worth of fuel.

The pilot reportedly decided that it was best to switch planes and then continue their trip instead of waiting for repairs in the aircraft.

Meanwhile, the crews of the Airbus are working to replace the machine which is reported to have some problem.

German media at the same time confirmed that Merkel will be late to the Argentinian capital, Sputnik reported.