Andrew Lincoln to play Rick Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’ movies

Washington: Fans of Andrew Lincoln would be happy to know that he will continue playing the role of Rick Grimes in ‘Walking Dead’.

The iconic character will now be featured in multiple films produced by AMC Studios, production for the first one will begin in 2019.

The development comes after he was badly wounded during last week’s shoot of ‘Walking Dead’.

The chief content officer of AMC, Scott Gimple, said that the films are going to be big compared to the TV series. He also mentioned that with the first movie continuing the story of Rick Grimes, there will be many more “unseen worlds of” that this film will attempt to explore.

Grimes further added that the attempt would be to tell different and distinct stories through these films.

On May 30, fans went berserk as Lincoln decided to quit playing Rick Grimes. But in September, his mood changed, as he announced that his arrival to the hit TV series will not be as an actor but as a director.