Andrew Garfield’s dream role is to be a father

Washington: Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield revealed that his dream role, cheesy as it might sound, is to be a father.

The actor opened up about his dream of being a father while promoting his new film ‘Under the Silver Lake’ on Thursday.

According to people, during the event, a fan asked the actor what his dream role was, to which Garfield said, “This is such a cheesy response: to be a father. My dream role is to be a father to a child, in real life not just in fictional films”

In 2014, the actor explored the role of fatherhood in the film ‘99 Homes’, where he played a single dad who loses his home to foreclosure.

Later in 2015, the actor revealed that it was during the filming of ‘99 Homes’ that he came face to face with his fatherly instincts.

“I’ve always had them somewhere. I think all men do and all women have that motherly instinct, and it was exciting to explore that and daunting and scary,” Entertainment Tonight quoted Garfield as saying.

“I kind of thought, ‘Well, how do I do that? If I haven’t experienced it, can I do it?’ but then I realized that’s the situation of every single father in the history of time. Everybody who becomes a father has never been a father before, so we’re all going into this initiations totally blind and groping in the dark so I kind of went with that feeling of not knowing what the hell I was doing and it kind of helped,” he added.