Andhra: Two girls fight for ‘boyfriend’ in broad daylight

Hyderabad: Two boys fighting for a girl is a common sight. But two girls fighting for a boy – and that too in broad daylight on a busy road – is indeed a rarity.

The motorists and pedestrians at a busy road of Visakhapatnam in AP were in for a shock to witness an acrimonious physical duel between two girls fighting for a boyfriend in public.

Both were using swear words and choicest expletives freely while wrestling physically with each other right in the middle of a busy road unmindful of the crowd milling around them.

The policemen who reached the scene had a tough time separating these cockish girls and releasing their hairs from the clutch of their hands. “He is my boyfriend” was their common refrain.

The police took both of them into custody and called their parents to the police station to apprise them of the incident.

During the enquiry it was found that both the girls were in love with a boy and their initial high pitched verbal bickering led to their physical fight.

The police, however, released both the girls after their counseling.

For the curious public, this cat fight was reminiscent of the “Hunterwali genre” of Bollywood.