Andhra Pradesh: Unidentified men gang-rape a pregnant cow

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh police has registered a complaint against unidentified men for allegedly gang-raping a pregnant cow.

The incident was brought to light when a dairy farm owner Nama Buchicharaju at B Kothatore Road in Pithapuram Mandalam in East Godavari district found one of his cows missing on Sunday early morning.

The three months pregnant cow was later found tied to a toddy tree nearby and blood oozing out of the animal’s genitals, TOI reports.

The sexual assault on the pregnant cow was confirmed by a local veterinarian in the region.

The situation in the region turned hostile after the news spread with protestors demanding the arrests of the accused, thronged the police station.

However, the crowd was pacified after the police assured swift action against criminals.

Earlier, a pregnant goat was gang-raped in Haryana.