Andhra Pradesh advocates boycott courts

Rajamahendravaram: In protest against the attitude of Telangana advocates, AP advocates boycotted from their duties on Monday. Seemandhra Advocates JAC leader M Subba Rao took solid protest to the threatening mindset of Telangana advocates and court staff towards the judges of Seemandhra and judges who opted to perform their duties in Telangana.

Subba Rao condemns the action taken by the advocates of Telangana who have put black paint on the name plates of Seemandhra judges.

He made an appeal to govt of telangana to take immediate action against anti-democratic behaviour. If TRS government fails to control these dictatorial acts ,we demands to Governor to take notice immediately and threatening to perform mock final rituals for Seemandhra judges on June 22.

A huge difference in number of working officers alloted especially in the section of Senior and Junior Civil Judges, Mr Muppalla Subba Rao said in a press release. He predicted that disproportionate allocation in the cadre of Senior and Junior Civil Judge may lead to stagnation of promotions in Andhra Pradesh .

However, he told that in Telangana State officers who are allocated will get promotion sooner than the officer of the same batch that is allocated to the State of Andhra Pradesh. He explained that there are 106 Senior Civil Judge Courts in the State of Telangana, but only 59 officers were allocated.

On the other hand, there are 143 Senior Civil Judge Courts in the State of Andhra Pradesh, but 113 officers were allocated in that cadre. It is clear that 2/3rd Senior Civil Judges are allocated to the Andhra Pradesh State where as in Telangana State only 1/3rd Senior Civil Judges are allotted.

Accordingly, he regret that in state of Andhra Pradeh the officers who allocated will be the sufferers due to the stagnation of the promotions which is nothing but against the law.
He told that Junior and District Judge are State cadre posts and selection based on the All India Recruitment and it does not speak either local or nativity based.

On perusal of the Sections 77 and 78 of the AP Re-organisation Act, he mentioned that it does not speak allocations based on the nativity in Judicial Service, especially when the recruitment based on the All India basis.

He made it clear that any Indian Citizen can apply for Junior Civil Judge or Direct District Judge examination subject to the reservations permitted by the Indian Constitution.