Andhra police help destitute Ethiopian woman return home

Kadapa: The Andhra Pradesh Police stepped in to reunite an Ethiopian woman with her family, after her visa had expired, and she was fending for herself here.

She has reached Addis Ababa, and was reunited with her family, the Andhra Pradesh Police said on Friday.

However, due to financial problems, the man decided to go back to Kuwait to earn a living. He used to send her living expenses, but after the man died of a heart attack in Kuwait in March 2020, the Ethiopian woman was left destitute.

With her visa expiring and having no money for survival, the woman was directed to the Foreign Registration Office in the Special Branch where Kadapa district superintendent of police stepped in to send her back to Ethiopia safely, officials said on Friday.

Apart from arranging an emergency travel document for her, the police sent the woman to Mumbai by train with an escort, to ensure she safely boards a flight back to her home country.