Andhra Police bust international marijuana smuggling racket

Amaravati: Prakasam district police in Andhra Pradesh seized 400 kg marijuana and arrested a band of five international smugglers, including an elusive smuggling mastermind Deverakonda Erresh.

“Superintendent of Police (SP) set up special teams for elusive marijuana smuggling mastermind Devarakonda Erresh, a resident of Savaranapalem village and Koyyuru Mandal,” said a police official on Tuesday.

 Acting on the directions of Prakasam district SP Siddarth Kaushal, police officials conducted vehicle searches at Tanguturu toll plaza to find five persons shipping 400 kg marijuana.

The gang was shipping marijuana from Visakhapatnam forest area in a truck bearing the registration number AP 39 TL 6425 and a car registered under the number AP 39 TL 6425 with the help of one Erresh from the port city.

 “Police seized the ganja (marijuana) and vehicles. The investigation revealed that the cannabis was being transported from Visakhapatnam to Tirupati. All the accused were sent to remand,” he added.

 According to officials, the seizures are worth Rs 40 lakh. The accused include Balli Jojisai Kumar (20), Sheikh Mainuddin (40), Makireddy Appalanaidu (30), Magapu Gangadhar (21) and Uppalapati Anji (32).