Andhra CM hails Janmabhoomi as ‘role model’

Amaravati : Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday applauded the Janmabhoomi programme on its last day, calling it “a unique programme and a role model for other states”.

In a teleconference with the officials, Chief Minister Naidu also asked the officials to document every minute detail of the programme for future generation’s reference.

He added, “Earlier people used to think negatively about the officials and public representatives. But now there is a positive change in people’s attitude. This is a revolutionary change. This spirit should be continued”.

As many as 60 lakh people took part in the Gram Sabhas conducted during the 10-day long Janmabhoomi.

About 1,71,447 new ration cards and 1,00,635 new pensions were issued in the programme, while 12 lakh persons were given medical aid through 15,725 medical camps and 13.72 lakh animals were treated in 23,991 veterinary camps.

In the nine days of the programme, as many as 9.92 lakh applications were received, out of which 8.51 lakh of them have been uploaded, while 3.06 lakh grievances were received.

The officials informed that they received about 2.60 lakh applications for housing, 1.98 lakh applications for civil supplies, 1.45 lakh applications for revenue and 145,350 applications for pensions. Cheif Minister Naidu ordered to resolve all the grievances and applications quickly.

He also inquired about the public opinion on day nine of the Janmabhoomi. The officials informed that health camps received 60% satisfaction, veterinary camps received 56% satisfaction, 71% people expressed satisfaction over officials’ response to public grievances, 68% opined that Janmabhoomi is useful for rural development. 71% people expressed satisfaction with Chandranna insurance scheme and 68% with the pensions.

“As part of that, two lakh assets are being distributed today. Of them, 174,400 are banking loans and 37,694 non-banking loans. Beneficiaries should generate self-employment from these loans, and should repay the debts in time”, said the Cheif Minister.(ANI)