Anand inspects paddy purchase centers in four districts

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand today made a surprise visit to check Rabi season paddy purchase centers in four districts — Yadadri, Janagaon, Warangal Urban, Warangal Rural. He enquired about the conditions and problems in the paddy purchase centers with concerned district officials and farmers. He reviewed the situation with DCSO, district Civil Supplies Managers and District officers.


The Commissioner said his department procured 45 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy till May 24 in 2016-17 Kharif and Rabi Season and 17 LMT in Kharif and 28 LMT in Rabi Season. In the coming 20 days, the department will procure about 10 to 15 LMT, said Commissioner. In Telangana region, only in 2010-11 Rabi season 17 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy was purchased and in the history of Telangana state in this year’s Rabi season till now 28 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy has been purchased.

He said 43 Lakh Metric Tons of paddy arrived as against  expected 37 Lakh Metric Tons. As per estimated 37 LMT paddy, 9.25 Gunny bags have been in the position in purchase centers, which were brought by road from Calcutta four months in advance instead of Railways, as it was time taking. But due the estimation has reached 43 LMT, one crore gunny bags are required, and as it was taking two to three months to arrive from Calcutta, to avoid difficulties to the farmers bags have been procured from neighboring state of Karnataka, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh by road.        

Rs. 2200 Crores have been paid to 5 lakh farmers through online for the purchase of 28 Lakh Metric Tons of Paddy from 3020 purchase centers.


District Collectors, Joint Collectors, Civil Supplies Officials, Employees had worked very hard in this tough situation as the paddy procurement has exceeded the expectation. They taken efforts to clear the difficulties and steps in paddy purchase. Mainly officials took measures for transporting paddy without any problem is very much appreciable.


From next Kharif season paddy will be purchased from all the new 31 districts of Telangana. As per procedures if the paddy is according to the standards Central government paddy was purchased in purchase centers from farmers without any difficulty. If the humidity in paddy is more than standard 17 percent it will take two to three days time to dry and slight delay is encountering, Commissioner C.V. Anand said. (NSS)