Amy Schumer predicts end of her fame

New York: Comedienne-actress Amy Schumer has quipped that her widespread popularity will last only “another six months”.

At a Comedy Central event here on Thursday, the 34-year-old joked that the widespread acclaim she achieved in the last 12 months isn’t sustainable, reports

“Do you guys know that I’m really famous now? I think it’s going to last another six months. Obviously, I’ve got behavioural issues,” she said, while adding that she didn’t know what being famous would be like.

“You can imagine, and then it actually really blows. You’re like, ‘Boo-hoo,’ and yes, I’m very rich now. Very rich. But now, I get to have things like: If I walk down the street in New York, people going, ‘Oh my god, I never do this, but would you f**k my brother?'” Schumer quipped.