Amul, Fevicol join meme fest on Ronaldo moving away Coca Cola bottles

At the Euro 2020 press conference, renowned football player Christiano Ronaldo moved away two Coca Cola bottles from in front of him and replaced them with a bottle of water instead. “Agua,” he said, as he performed the gesture, which is the Portuguese word for water.

The incident weighed heavily on the global beverage giant, leading to a loss of $4 billion in market capitalisation. The action by the five-time Ballon d’Or winner encouraged a stream of memes to take over the internet. Many celebrities joined the bandwagon as well, posting their own witty remarks.

Indian adhesive brand Fevicol took the opportunity to forward an advertisement that soon went viral.

The ad displays the scene from the debacle, with two bottles of Fevicol photoshopped in the place of the cola bottles. “Na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi,” it reads, professing the strength of the adhesive. It was posted on Twitter with a cheeky dig at the beverage, “Haye ni Mera Coka Coka Coka Coka Coka”.

Amul jumped the bandwagon as well, not to be left behind in the series of hilarious tweets making the rounds. It features the Amul-girl standing in the press conference setting with the caption, “Not bottling one’s feelings”.

Ronaldo, who has 299 million followers on Instagram, provoked quite a response in his attempt to endorse a healthy lifestyle.