AMU VC asks students ‘don’t fall prey to lies spread by media’

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh): Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Vice Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor on Tuesday advised students not to fall prey to lies being spread by a section of media.

The AMU is going through an upheaval over the portrait of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in AMU Students Union office.

The VC issued a statement to university students and held a section of media/channels responsible for spreading lies.

“As you all know, our beloved University is passing through a difficult phase. Taking advantage of the present crisis, a section of the media, especially some TV Channels armed with all kinds of half-truths are constantly trying to create a very negative image of the University,” Mansoor said.

Advising the students to maintain calm, he said, “The assault on the University from different quarters calls for both rational response and thoughtful action without being swayed by emotions.”

The VC also requested students not to fall into the trap of such information and focus on examinations.

“We should not fall into the trap of some forces, which are bent on destroying the image of our Alma Mater and playing with your bright future. Under no circumstances should you let your studies suffer, especially when your exams are just round the corner,” the VC said.

Mansoor also said he had denounced the excessive use of force on students which resulted in injuries to the present and former office bearers of the Union and other students.

In Aligarh, some groups have protested against the portrait of Pakistan’s founder at the office of Aligarh Muslim University student union’s office.

The matter hit the headlines after BJP’s Aligarh MP Satish Gautam questioned the portrait’s presence in the AMU student union office.

On Thursday, 28 students and 13 cops were injured in a clash which broke out between AMU students and the police. (ANI)