#AmritsarTrainAccident terrible thing to have happened: Alia

New Delhi: Bollywood celebrities, including Alia Bhatt and Anil Kapoor, among others have expressed their grief over the Amritsar train mishap.

Around 60 people lost their lives after a train ran into people watching Dussehra celebrations near a train track in Amritsar’s Choura Bazar on Friday.

While sending prayers to the victims and their families, the ‘Brahmastra’ star underscored the negligence of the authorities.

She tweeted, “The #AmritsarTrainAccident is heartbreaking! Terrible terrible thing to have happened..This is just another example our extremely poor attitude towards caution and safety.. Prayers for all those suffering”

Here’s what the others posted:
Anil Kapoor: A tragic incident that could have been avoided if only. Sending my thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased and wishing a speedy recovery for the ones injured. #Amritsar

Anupam Kher: “The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face. They are the ones that fall from your heart and cover your Soul.” #AmritsarTrainTragedy

Swara Bhasker: Thoughts and prayers for the victims of the tragedy in #Amritsar and for their families.. this is SO tragic!!!! Devastating news on a festive day. #AmritsarTrainAccident Strength to and prayers for all the affected!

Farhan Akhtar: Saddened to hear about the loss of life in #Amritsar. Safety in public spaces HAS TO be taken a lot more seriously. Deepest condolences to all families affected by this tragedy.

Ajay Devgn: Pained to hear about the Amritsar train tragedy. Deepest condolences to the bereaved families.