‘Among dengue patients morbidity increased more than mortality’

Hyderabad: While Hyderabad is trying to tackle the dengue crisis, doctors are observing atypical symptoms in patients compared to previous years.

Doctors point out that morbidity has increased more than mortality compared to the last three years.

While August-December is considered a season for viral fevers, dengue has become the most leading disease. Not only the number of days to cure the disease has increased, but also it is spreading to other organs of the human body.

Dr K Murali Krishna, a senior physician with the government Fever hospital said, “Last three years, dengue had a typical picture but this time we are witnessing atypical presentations. The virus is evolving and maybe taking a different shape.

The duration of fever is now a minimum 2 weeks, earlier patients would recover in 1 week’

Speaking to siasat.com, Dr Krishna said that the duration of fever is now a minimum 2 weeks, previously patients would recover in 1 week. This fever is affecting various organs. 

Disease spreading to other organs

Organs such as liver, lung are getting affected. In one of the cases where pancreas was affected, the prognosis was very bad, but luckily, the patient got cured. Dengue virus after entering into the body will cause sepsis which spreads to various organs, particularly when the patient is in low immunity status.

He also added that the platelet count is falling down very quickly from 1 lakh to about 20,000 in a day. Some of the patients do not believe medical professionals or lab reports. They are unaware that the disease has visibly evolved. In children, the onset of the disease is much uncontrolled and high-speed occurrence in children is leading to quick worsening. In children, issues like water in lungs, hepatitis is being observed.

Dr T Murali Krishna Pediatrician from Niloufer Hospital said, “Kids are affected with pleural effusion and hepatitis, which are a part of inflammation in the dengue disease process. They have increased this year compared to the last three years. Nearly 5 per cent of them is showing such symptoms.”

However, the way it is being cured has remained the same. Dr Murali said, “Medicines are still based on symptoms. Like for fever, we give antipyretics and dehydration correction should be there. Only for low platelet count or any bleeding manifestation, platelet transfusion is done and it is only 1 per cent of kids.”

Doctors suggest that people should take precautions against mosquito bites by using repellants, nets and ensuring hygienic conditions.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain, mohammedhussain.reporter@gmail.com Twiiter: @writetohussain