Amitabh gives A-Capella twist to ‘Sar jo tera chakraaye’

Mumbai: The iconic song “Sar jo tera chakraaye” from the 1957 film “Pyaasa” has got an A-Capella twist by megastar Amitabh Bachchan for a special music video.

The veteran actor sang and shot for this unique recreation for Navratna Cool Oil earlier this year. It has been digitally released on Youtube.

“Dangal” director Nitesh Tiwari, who was behind the camera for this video, said in a statement: “Amitabh Bachchan got instantly enthusiastic on learning about this idea and promptly agreed to lend his voice to this experimentation.

“It has been a wonderful experience for all of us and we have released the music digitally to connect better with today’s consumers who are digitally active and also love Bollywood music.”

For the uninitiated, A-Capella is group or solo singing in choral style which is without instrumental accompaniment. In this, the background music is usually created by beats made by the human mouth, usually one linking to the other one, like hitting the floor, then the desk, then the wall to make a beat that goes together, while actually singing the song.

Tiwari added: “The music format of A-capella is growing in popularity among the young music lovers of today. We found that the rhythm of A-Capella style of singing has a very direct correlation with the rhythmic sounds and actions created by barbers while giving relaxing ‘champis’ to their clients.”

The video is created by Leo Burnett Orchard.

Harsha V Agarwal, Director, Emami Limited, said the song “Sar jo tera chakraye” was chosen as the song and its portrayal of a barber offering a relaxing massage has a natural correlation with their brand.