Amit Shah calls uneducated people ‘burden on India’

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday called uneducated people ‘burden on India’ and said that an illiterate person can never be a good citizen of India.

In an interview with Sansad TV, the minister said, “Ek anpadh aadmi desh par kitna bada bojh banta hai. Na jo apne Samvidhan ke diye hue adhikaro ko jaanta hai, na smvidhan ne humse jo apeksha kari hai wo dayitva ko jaanta hai. Wo kaise ek achcha nagrik ban sakta hai? Iske andar amulchur parivartan hai” (An illiterate person is a burden on the country. He neither knows the rights granted to him by the Constitution, nor knows the duties expected from him. How can such a person become a good citizen?).

Highlighting the efforts taken by the then Gujarat govt-led by Narendra Modi, he said that the drop rate which was 37 percent was reduced to less than one percent.

Appreciating PM Modi, Shah said that he never hesitates to take bold decisions in the interest of the nation. He also said that PM always takes decisions keeping in view the interest of the nation, sometimes, without even caring about the supporters of the party.

Is Gujarat’s school dropout rate less than 1 percent?

As per a report ‘Statistics on secondary / higher secondary education in Gujarat state’ by the Commissionerate of Schools, Education Department of Government of Gujarat, the dropout rate in secondary education in the state is 13.34 percent.

According to another report ‘ Promotion Rate, Repetition Rate, Dropout Rate by Gender, Level of School Education and Social Category’ by Gujarat’s Directorate of Primary Education, the dropout rate in 2019-20 in primary, upper primary, and secondary education are  0.96, 5.21 and 23.71 respectively.