Amit Shah asks BJP CMs to file review petitions in SC to safeguard tribals

New Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah on Monday spoke to Chief Ministers of party-ruled states and asked them to file review petitions in the wake of Supreme Court’s February 13 order directing Chief Secretaries of 21 states to evict tribals living in forest areas.

“I have spoken to all CMs of BJP ruled states in the situation arising out of Supreme Court’s order on eviction of Tribals living in Forest Areas. The states will be soon filing review petition and care will be taken to safeguard the rights of our tribals and prevent eviction,” Shah tweeted.

He said BJP remains committed to the uplift of tribals and will do everything to protect their rights.

“I would also urge them to not fall in the trap of rumours from usual suspects,” he said.

The court, in its order, also said the eviction should be carried out on or before July 24, the next date of hearing.

Shah said NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to empowering tribals and the Ministry for Tribal Affairs has brought several schemes to bring them into the mainstream.

“In last 55 months, the Modi government has done so much of welfare works for the tribals which were not done by the 55 years of rule of one family of the Congress in the country,” he said.

Shah said that due to the schemes of the government, tribals are now enjoying benefits of several of the programs launched by Modi government.

On February 13, the Supreme Court ordered the eviction of lakhs of tribals and other forest dwellers and asked state Chief Secretaries to report on whether those whose claims to forest land were rejected had been evicted and if not, then why.