Amidst communal violence, Hyderabad Dargah’s remain peacefull

Hyderabad: The Jhatpat Bee dargah located amidst Hindu dominated locality Uppuguda for the past several decades remained untouched even during the communal violence, promoting brotherhood and religious harmony in the city.

This is the second example expressing religious harmony among the two communities, the first one is the Akkanna Madanna temple in Old City which regularly offers chadar and paints the dargah located opposite the Temple.

The Jhatphat Bee dargah located at the Uppuguda railway station remained untouched amidst the worst communal disturbances.

Anjamma, a local resident of the area says “It is considered a very holy place in the neighbourhood with people dropping in before heading on some important assignment. They believe a visit to the shrine will get them success”.

A couple believed to possess spiritual powers centuries ago have been buried where the Dargah exists today said Mohd. Subhan, the caretaker of the Dargah.

According to the legend people visited the Dargah to seek blessings of before starting a new assignment.

“The trend continues and people visit the dargah in thousands. Offerings of flowers and money are made at the shrine by people of all communities. But the most number of visitors belong to the Hindu community” he said.

A resident of Uppuguda, P. Ashok Goud, says the locals of the area believe in the spiritual powers of the Dargah.

“We all pooled money and constructed a shed for visitors” said Ashok.

Every time a wish is fulfilled or someone is successful in their work after seeking blessings from the Dargah, they hold ‘thanksgiving’ ceremony, a small function arranging cooked food for people, for which the locals provide the water.

Shailender Singh, another resident, “The place is very small 200 sq. yd. yet one can see people of both communities adjusting and holding separate functions”.

According to an official of Chatrinaka police station, they deploy constables during the annual “Urus’ celebrations. “So far no untoward incident had occurred there and we hope nothing will happen in the future too” said the Police official.