Amid rising cases, Hyderabad mosques gear up to fight Covid-19

Hyderabad: With Ramzan around the corner and COVID-19 cases rising once again, mosques in the city have again started stressing on COVID-19 protocols with more seriousness. While many have once again put up boards asking Muslims to wear masks and maintain distance during prayers, others also making public announcements to inform them of the consequences of not doing their part in fighting the virus. 

Mufti Abdullah Qasmi of the Sufa Masjid in Tolichowki said, “We are taking all the precautions such as social distancing and we are announcing after every Namaaz stressing on the importance of wearing masks.” He further added that for the past three to four days, people have been responding positively and wearing masks and maintaining distance. “They also stopped bringing little kids and senior citizens after the announcements were made,” he told

The Imam of Masjid Kahf in Banjara Hills said that even in areas where people are not highly educated, they are following rules and regulations sincerely. With regards to the Taraweeh (special night prayers offered during Ramzan), he said, “The government hasn’t issued any notice as of yet, but still we will follow all norms and adhere to the rules given during Shab-e-Barat.”

In fact, the Imam also said that the mosque’s wuzu (ablution) area has been closed and that people have been asked to do it from home itself. Imam Sajid of the Masjid-e-Qutub Shahi at Lakdikapul also said that they have given a separate small place for travellers to do ablution. He added, “Yet it’s better if you perform ablution from home.”

Taraweeh tension for Hyderabadis

“We have only one concern, that is that the Masjids don’t get closed during Ramzan and we end up missing another year’s Taraweeh,” said Abdus Sami, a student who prays regularly at Alamgir Masjid in Hyderabad.

The unclear situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some concern among Muslims in the city. “The spread of the virus hasn’t yet affected people in a major way until now, so we hope that our religious gatherings in Ramzan are not affected,” he added.

Another citizen, who did not want to be named, said, “We are not scared of catching COVID-19, but we are worried about our family members who are old. So we request anyone who has any symptoms to be careful and not come for Taraweeh,” he told

Reacting to the concerns of local namazis (devotees) with COVID-19 rising cases and Ramzan approaching, Imams of masjids reacted positively to this. Sufa Masjid’s Imam Mufti Abdullah said, “There is nothing to worry about for as long as we follow the norms and make sure COVID-19 doesn’t spread,” he stated.