Amid serious protests, Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj inaugurates nightclub

Lucknow: When people all over the country were protesting against the horrific incidents in Unnao and Kathua on weekend; BJP MP from Unnao, – Sakshi Maharaj – was inaugurating a nightclub in Lucknow named ‘let’s Meet’.

The conservative politician is of ideology, who say rapes happen due to ‘girls and boys’ vulgar behaviour in public places. He had also said that these type of people should be arrested. The controversial figure had previously said “Hindu women should have four children, and one child should be given one to the army and one to us (religious figures)”.

The saffron-robed Maharaj was invited to inaugurate the nightclub in Aliganj on Sunday. Who later out of embarrassment said to have been ‘tricked’. “I was told that it’s just a restaurant. There wasn’t any mention of a nightclub,” Maharaj said.

Taking a jibe at him, Samajwadi Party MLC Sunil Singh Sajan said, “He is not just a Sadhu but also a saint, and all these saints in BJP are of similar character. Such people have demolished the faith of people in Sadhu and Saints.”