American TV show host dubs Imran Khan as ‘Pakistan’s Donald Trump’; sparks controversy

Washington: Sparking controversy, South African comedian-TV host Trevor Noah in the latest episode of American show ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’, dubbed Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Donald Trump. He drew comparisons between Pakistan’s Prime Minister-elect and US president Donald Trump. Noah compared their privileged lifestyle, political experience and personal relationships to prove his claim.

Noah in his clip points out how both Trump and Khan are often projected as ‘womanisers’ with a controversial past in mainstream media. In another clip, one news presenter points out how Khan contradicts himself while making political statements — something that the US president has also been accused of time and again. Noah also reminded that while Trump was doing pizza ads, Khan was promoting Pepsi.

The show received a mixed response from the Twitterati. While some supported Imran Khan and slammed Noah, others said he is a comedian hence his comments should not be taken seriously.