American agricultural products shine at hospitality trade show

Bengaluru: Budding Chef T. Haokip and Mixologist Sai Venkata Vijaya won the culinary and mixologist competition on Saturday using US Premium Agricultural Products at Food Hospitality World (FHW).

The competition was organised to showcase the uniqueness of American produce like US Cranberries, Washington Apples, USA Pears, California Walnuts and US Pecans in the Indian market.

“India is an important market for us and we strive to bring in the best products to our discerning consumers. This show is a wonderful opportunity for our target audience to taste and experience a wide range of US Premium Agricultural Products,” said Adam Branson, Senior Agricultural Attache, US Consulate General, Mumbai.

As many as 55 chefs and mixologists participated in the “South India Culinary Challenge & Baking Contest” and “Mixology Challenge” conducted in association with South India Culinary Association (SICA).

Berry Blash Martini and Enlighten Moon were the winning creations.

FHW is a major trade show of food and hospitality in India which drew 6,000 visitors and 250 exhibitors in 2015.