American activist Noam Chomsky explains why US supports Israel

Washington: Noted American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic and political activist, Noam Chomsky explained why the US supports Israel.

He said “Christian Zionism is a very powerful force which goes back long before Jewish Zionism. In England particular, Christian Zionism was a powerful force among British elites. It’s part of the motivation for the Balfour Declaration”.

Talking about the confusion which prevailed in 1948, he said, “There was actually split between State Department and the Pentagon over how to react to the new state of Israel. State Department was not committed strongly to Israeli conquests and was concerned about the refugees whereas Pentagon was impressed by the military potential of Israel”.

He also said, “in 1958 during the crisis, Israel cooperated with US and UK and in 1967, Israel help the US in destroying secular Arab nationalism and supporting radical Islam”.

“Israel is regarded as a military offshoot of the US. They also have very close intelligence relations”, he added.