AMER ALI KHAN, News Editor, The Siasat Daily – A BRIEF PROFILE


While it has become increasingly fashionable to enter and talk of the decades of a newspaper existence with a gesture of grand extravagance not so with Amer Ali Khan who has been in the profession of news since 1994 covering wide range of areas each representing issues of Copernican consequential.

While as the head of India’s largest Urdu daily he has ensured a complete accurate and compelling coverage his enthusiasm and persistent attitude for news ensures that his readers are well informed and are not bereft of the happenings around the world.

His laurels have not remained at just that. He has travelled widely accompanied the Dignitaries both Indian and International and was part of the President’s and Prime Ministers entourage. Invitee to the International visitors program in the US in 2011 he was also part of the International Visitors Exchange program of the Goethe Institute (Germany) 2002. His list is endless with a visit to Britain and many more international countries with the latest as a participating in the Indian Delegation of Journalists and Representatives of Civil Society in 2015.

Always with the ear to the ground his views reflect in his news writings on politics, business and column besides the OP ED which he edits.

Having completed his Bachelors in Communication and Journalism from the prestigious Osmania University and Masters in Business Administration from Sultan –ul-Uloom he has been instrumental in forming an alliance of Ten Urdu Dailies for content. Under his tutelage Siasat Daily which was edited and published from Hyderabad has now expanded to Middle East edition at Qatar and of course in India the IT city Bengaluru.

He ensures media’s is the custodian of democracy and keeps in mind people’s issues which are reflected through the newspapers known for its fair journalism. The laurels do not end here safeguarding the interest of the Minority Community and pushing for their growth has been an aboriginal mission. He, as part of his CSR activity has been the flag bearer for development of Minority community through education and skill building programs .He has been a hanger on for languages and has mastered English Urdu Hindi Arabic and Telugu.