Amer Ali Khan is echoing in the entire Telangana as the voice of Muslims – Harish Rao

Amer Ali Khan is echoing in the entire Telangana as the voice of Muslims – Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Telangana State Minister for Irrigation, Mr. T. Harish Rao heavily applauded the services of Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily and said that he is echoing in the entire Telangana as the voice of Muslims. He is making untiring efforts for getting 12% reservation for Muslims. Now the Govt. has also started admitting his efforts and it is reiterating its election promise to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Earlier, IT Minister, Mr. KT Rama Rao had mentioned that Govt. of Telangana will not disappoint Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Amer Ali Khan and it would provide 12% reservations to Muslims at any cost.

Mr. Harish Rao was addressing a gathering after the inauguration of the branch of Khidmat Bank at Zaheerabad. He told that Mr. Amer Ali Khan is doing a great service by communicating Muslim issues to the Govt. He also said that Govt. of Telangana is bound by its promise to provide 12% reservations to Muslims. Govt. is also ready to make Muslims part of Industrial park.

He told that Siasat Urdu Daily is playing an important role in communicating Muslim issues through the Govt. He mentioned that by selecting the Muslim experts, the Govt. constituted Sudheer Committee as soon its report is received, Govt. would provide 12% reservation to Muslims. He said that he is very much impressed by the guidelines of Khidmat Bank. He hoped that this bank would be a model bank for entire Telangana. He mentioned that if allowed, he is ready to become the member of this bank. He announced that he would deposit his one month pay in the bank. He appealed to the office bearers of Jamat-e-Islami to start a branch of Khidmat Bank in Siddipet also. He is ready to deposit amount in that bank also. He mentioned that he is not against the establishment of Islamic Industrial Park. If this park is being started in Zaheerabad, he is prepared to allot a plot so that the town is developed.

Highlighting the steps taken by Telangana Govt. for the welfare of Muslims, he said that 120 residential schools have been sanctioned in which 60 schools are meant for girls. The medium of instruction in these schools would be English but Urdu will be taught as a compulsory language.

Govt. allocated Rs. 1030 crore in this financial year for Minorities Welfare Department but there is no sufficient staff to implement the welfare schemes. State Cabinet sanctioned 350 posts for the Department of Minorities Welfare.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that Jamat-e-Islami is worth congratulating since it has realized the needs of the labour class and started this bank to save them from the evils of interest. He announced that he is ready to deposit Rs. 1 lakh each in each of the 10 branches of this branch throughout Telangana State. He mentioned that Muslims community is facing a lot of problems. It is very difficult to solve all these problems. It is a great challenge. Quoting the verses from the Quran, he said that Allah (SWT) bestows enormous wealth but spending it depends upon the intention. Islam made Zakat obligatory. He hoped that Khidmat Bank would be helpful in developing the economic condition of Muslim community. It will also be helpful to the poor persons. He mentioned that TRS promised to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Siasat Urdu Daily has launched a campaign to get reservations. If Govt. provides reservations, 25000 Muslim youths would get Govt. jobs and 25000 Muslim students would get admissions in various professional courses.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan demanded the Govt. to provide land for the established of Islamic bank. Mr. Mohammed Fareeduddin, former Minister welcomed the establishment of Khidmat Bank. He assured that he would extend all possible help to this bank. He told that to eradicate the evil of Interest is a great service to community.

TRS MLA of Sangareddy, Mr. Chinta Prabhakar told that he is aware of the services provided by Khidmat Bank. It provides interest-free loans to small traders.

President of Jamat-e-Islami, Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan, highlighted the services of Khidmat Bank and said that bank interest is responsible for moral degradation in society. Interest has been prohibited (haraam) in Islam. Jamat-e-Islami established Khidmat Bank to save the Muslims from the evils of interests. He mentioned that large establishment are damaging the banks whereas poor people are not getting loans from the banks.

–Siasat News