Amendments to Wakf Act on card, conspiracy to destroy Auqaaf

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPL) Working Committee disclosed that a drastic amendment is being planned to destroy the Auqaaf. The Committee announced that a country-wide movement shall be launched to safeguard the Auqaaf Board.

AIMPLB held its working committee meeting here under the chair of Maulana Syed Mohammed Rab’e Hassan Al Nadwi attended by 45 members from across the country.

It is disclosed in the working Committee report that the Board had the Wakf Act passed with a great effort which contains clauses barring the sale of the Wakf properties. However, there are frantic efforts to make amendments to these clauses which could pose danger to the Auqaaf Board. In view of this, it is decided in the meeting to launch a country-wide movement to safeguard Auqaaf lands across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Board’s General Secretary Maulana Mohammed Wali Rehmani shed light on the Board’s aims and objects and sought opinions from the members.

Board’s Legal Committee Convener Senior Advocate Yusuf Machala submitted the details of the cases under hearing. He said there are two cases in Bombay High Court and one in Calcutta HC. The legal team is representing the cases in Supreme Court with full force.

In this meeting, a committee was set up to give final touches to the Rules and Regulation of “Darul Qaza” which shall submit its report within a month to the Board’s General Secretary.

It is also decided in the meeting to launch a Sharia awareness web series and the responsibility to prepare its format is given to Dr. Asma Zehra. Senior Advocate Yusuf Machala, Zafaryab Jeelani, and M R Shamshad had supported this move.

It was also decided in the meeting to launch a documentary magazine of the Board in Urdu and English. Advocate M.R Shamshad was assigned the task to prepare its template and submit it to the Board’s General Secretary.

A resolution is also adopted in the Board’s meeting to update the Board’s website with relevant contents to enable its optimum use by the visitors. The plan is also afoot to bring together as many people as possible and a resolution is also passed to collect data on various social aspects from various sources including universities and non-government agencies.

Discussions were held on many Muslim issues and agendas of Muslim Personal Law. Workable proposals and recommendations were also adopted in the meeting.