Amendments to Right to Education Act

All India Muslim Personal Law Board has expressed its satisfaction on the latest amendments made in the Right to Education Bill.

According to a press note issued by Mr. Mohammed Abdur Rahim Quraishi, Asst. General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board with the inclusion of a sub-section it has been clarified that this act will not be applicable to Islamic Madrasas, Vedic Pathashalas and on all such institutions which impart religious education. It is now made clear that Islamic educational institutions such as Deeni Madrasas will not come under its purview.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board was requested to launch a campaign for keeping Islamic Madrasas out of the purview of this act. Mr. Rahim Quraishi applauded that action taken by HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal that he fulfilled his promise and removed the worries of the Muslim Personal Law Board.

This action of Mr. Kapil Sibal is a lesson for other ministers for fulfilling their promises for amending the Wakf Bill of 2010. So far, no action has been taken in this direction.

——Siasat News