Ameen Miya urges Sunni Barelvi Muslims not to visit Ajmer dargah

Bareli: The differences among Sunni Muslims were evident on the platform of Urs Aala Hazrat. It was told that Muslims should not visit Ajmer to be shoved and pushed and face disgrace. Instead, he asked them to celebrate the Urs of Khwaja Ajmeri at their homes.

The differences between the two big dargahs were evident on a day before the Qul of Aala Hazrat during the conference at Islamia Maidan when Maulana Mukhtar Behrodi expressed resentment against the succession of Khaja Ajmeri.

On Monday afternoon the differences were quite evident on the occasion of 100th Qul of Aala Hazrat. Sajjada Nasheen of Marhara Dargah and Prof of Aligarh Muslim University Prof Syed Ameen Miya urged the devotees not to visit Ajmer, instead observe the Urs at their houses.

It is said that a video of the succession of Khaja Ghareeb Nawaz Dargah went viral in which he was commenting upon Aala Hazrat which offended Sunni Barelvi Ulama.