Amber Heard donates divorce settlement money to charity

Los Angeles: Actress Amber Heard, who won $7 million in her divorce settlement from actor Johnny Depp, has donated a part of it to charity.

The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) confirmed that Heard did donate part of her divorce settlement to the charity after promising that she would following her split from Depp in 2016, reports

Heard, 31, had promised that she would split the amount between two charities, American Civil Liberties Union, and CHLA.

CHLA have published a report for 2017 which listed “Ms. Amber Heard” on its “Honor Roll of Donors”, which indicated she had donated an undisclosed amount within the bracket of $1 million to $5 million.

Heard and Depp released a joint statement after reaching their divorce settlement in August 2016, before their divorce was officially finalised in January 2017. It was stated that time that Heard would be making the charitable donation.