Ambedkar’s Grandson calls for Dalit-Muslims unity to save Constitution

“You have to root out those who want to uproot you,” says Ambedkar

AHMEDABAD: B R Ambedkar‘s grandson Prakash Ambedkar calls for Dalit-Muslim unity to stop the ruling BJP party from destroying the ‘Constitution of India’.

On Sunday, while addressing a public meeting Bandharan Bachao (Save the Constitution), the former MP Prakash Ambedkar and said, “By 2022, they (BJP) plan to win majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and then they will launch ‘New India’ sans the present Constitution,” according to an Indian Express report.

The meeting was organised by Rashtriya Bahujan Hit Rakshak Samiti, to commemorate the 85th anniversary of Pune Pact.

He appealed to the Muslims and the Dalits to join their hands together against RSS-BJP combine that has made Gujarat a laboratory where it wants to eliminate all opponents.

“It is up to you to either fight them or go with them. The Constitution and Manuvad are two options before you, but your duty is to save the Constitution for the sake of the survival of your generation,” the newspaper quoted.

“Our sole target is to prevent at any cost the RSS-BJP from capturing power, which is the objective of this meeting,” he added.