Amazon updates Alexa and Echo for better Kindle read

Washington : Online retail giant Amazon has updated its Alexa digital assistant and Echo smart speaker, which it says will make narration in Kindle books easier.

A report in The Verge said Amazon’s Alexa and Echo will facilitate improved voice-powered software narrationin Kindle books.

The tone of the narration, however, will be far more robotic than your standard audio book narrator.

Amazon said that this feature is free to use with any Kindle book in your library.

The software will keep track of which book you were reading last, so you can also launch a narration by simply saying, “Alexa, read my Kindle book.” Alexa will respond to commands like “pause,” “go forward,” and “resume reading” too.

Unlike the Amazon-owned Audible service, however, you cannot specify a certain chapter to jump to in your Kindle book.

Amazon said that it hopes to position Alexa as a go-to partner for the smart home. (ANI)