Amazon, Disney lock horns over Fire TV ads: Report

San Francisco: Amazon and Disney have locked horns over Fire TV advertisement sales that could delay the addition of the latter’s upcoming streaming service to Amazons Fire TV devices.

Disney is said to be resisting and the two companies are at an impasse. Disney apps could be removed from Fire TV devices if they can’t reach an agreement, CNET reported on Thursday quoting The Wall Street Journal.

However, this would not directly impact Disney Plus which is slated to launch without advertising on November 12.

The dispute could delay the launch of the service on Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon has been demanding to sell a percentage of the inventory of ad-supported apps on its Fire TV platform. The company is now asking publishers to sell as much as 40 per cent of the ads running within their apps. Disney has reportedly resisted this push, according to a report in Variety.

Disagreement over ads on streaming platforms is not new.

Roku for years pushed publishers to let the company sell a share of their ad inventory. These demands have at times been met with resistance as well.

Google doesn’t let Roku sell any of its ad inventory, which was one of the reasons that YouTube was absent from Roku devices for years, the Variety report added.