Here are some amazing barbecue spots in cities around USA

New Delhi [India]: Food lover and heading to the USA? Try some of these high-quality barbecue spots in cities around the country.

-Sweet Cheeks Q – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s Sweet Cheeks Q serves up barbecue by the tray, with a typical order consisting of one meat, one hot side and one cold side. While the barbecue style is inspired by a road trip the chef took through Texas, many of Sweet Cheeks’ ingredients are sourced in New England. The biscuits with whipped honey butter also draw rave reviews, as does the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

-Smoque BBQ – Chicago, Illinois

While the cuts of meat are inspired by those found throughout the United States’ barbecue belt – like Texas-style brisket and Memphis ribs – the vinegary sauces and spicy rubs at Smoque BBQ are original recipes, giving its barbecue a Chicago touch. All the sides are made from original recipes too. It’s a bring-your-own-beverage establishment though. Buy a local craft beer and bring it with you.

-Guava Smoked – Honolulu, Hawaii

True to Hawaii’s strong Asian influence, barbecue here often means Korean style – roasted at the table over a gas or charcoal grill – as opposed to smoked like it’s mostly done on the mainland United States. But Guava Smoked, a Honolulu-based food truck, serves traditional Southern-style barbecue, like smoked pork and ribs, as well as offering Hawaiian takes on barbecue such as smoked butterfish collars and salmon bellies.

-Smoke & Barrel – Washington, D.C.

Smoke & Barrel in the lively Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, D.C., focuses on barbecue as well as two other Bs that pair well with it: beer and bourbon. While it serves smoked classics like brisket, chicken, pork and sausage, you’ll also find duck quarters and vegan options like tofu. Its brisket steak and cheese uses nacho cheese and fresh jalapeƱos to give a spicy kick to the traditional steak and cheese sandwich.

-Rollin Smoke Barbecue – Las Vegas, Nevada

It seems irresponsible – and contrary to the Las Vegas spirit – to order anything other than the all-you-can-eat option (“anything on the menu any day, any time”) at Rollin Smoke BBQ. Otherwise you’d have to make hard choices among smokin’ plates like brisket three ways (chopped, sliced and burnt ends), the rib platter special and even smoked meatloaf. ( ANI)