Amarinder visits Army camp in Gurdaspur

Amarinder visits Army camp in Gurdaspur

Tibri Cantonment: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh will be staying at an Army camp of the 3rd battalion of the Sikh regiment here for the night on the eve of Independence Day.

Excited over the presence of Amarinder, a former army man, the troops of 3rd battalion had a pleasurable time interacting with him.

“I will never forget this night. It has revived all those memories of the yonder when I was part of the force. And at the same time, it has created many new memories which will remain etched in my heart and mind till my last breath,” the chief minister said.

He will be unfurling the tricolour tomorrow in Gurdaspur as part of Independence Day celebrations.

As the soldiers erupted in joyful euphoria, Amarinder wondered if he had been transported back in time to days when he was an active soldier like the rest of them.

Earlier, after a brief introduction about Captain Amarinder, soldiers performed a combat training display and a battalion presentation for the chief minister.

“This is a special day in more ways than one. Captain Amarinder has made it a memorable occasion for us,” said one of the soldiers.

Amarinder, who belonged to the Sikh regiment when he was in the army, gave all credit to the soldiers for making it a special occasion for him.

“It was like reliving history,” he said, adding the Army continues to be his first and last love.

Amarinder (75) also enjoyed a pipe band display and a Bhangra performance by the soldiers.