Amaal, Armaan Malik to revive 1996 song ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’

New Delhi: The singer-composer duo, Armaan Malik and Amaal Malik, who creates magic with their compositions and vocal chords, is all set to recreate the 1996 track ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ from the film ‘Papa Kehte Hain’.

Featuring Armaan, the video has been shot in Greece.

Amaal Mallik, who has composed and reprised the track, has added his own touch to the ageless heart string melody.

“I have tried to maintain the original essence of the song without tampering it much. I’ve given it my style of production and also healthily contributed melodically,” he said.

Talking about recreations, Amaal said, “The meaning of the word “remake” has changed so much over the years that from being a channel through which the younger generation heard classic melodies, it has now become an inclusion in the formula of a hit film business model.”

“For me, music is music. I don’t segregate work like that and never will, I guess. If a project interests me and allows me to express myself, I’ll dive into it without looking into whether it is a Film song or independent music,” he added.

The musician brothers’ upcoming single will be launched on April 4. (ANI)