Alwar Lynching: Autopsy report of Rakbar states ’cause of death’

NEW DELHI: The post-mortem report of recent Alwar lynching victim Rakbar states the ’cause of death’ as shock “as a result of ante-mortem injuries sustained over body”, ANI reported on Tuesday.

According to a report published in India Today, the autopsy report of Rakbar, says that bones of his hands and a leg broken besides showing at least 12 injury marks on his body. One of his ribs was also broken.

A team of doctors including Dr Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Dr Amit Mittal and Dr Sanjay Gupta conducted the post-mortem said that a person may die of shock because of excessive internal bleeding caused due to injuries.

28-year-old Rakbar, a dairy farmer from Haryana’s Mewat district was allegedly beaten to death in a brutal manner by an agitated mob on suspicions of cow smuggling.