Alwar killing: Ummar ‘was beheaded first and then dumped on the track,’ says Railway worker

ALWAR: The so-called gau-rakshaks had killed Muhammad Ummar like an animal.
The accused, who confessed to the crime not only shot the 35-year-old dairy farmer but also beheaded him before dumping his body on the railway lines on November 10.
Sonu Kumar was the first person who spotted the body. Sonu has been in Railway workforce since the last 1 ½ years.
Speaking to News18, Sonu revealed that after spotting the body, he enlighten the matter to his superiors.
He also revealed that the positioning of the body showed that ummar “was beheaded first and then dumped on the track”.

“The body was between the railway tracks but the head was outside it. He had injury marks on his legs and limb. I am sure someone placed the body on the tracks. If a train would have run over it, then the body wouldn’t have been intact. Moreover, how can a head get severed if the body is in between the tracks? The body has to be horizontally placed, not vertically,” said Kumar.

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Giving support to Kumar’s statement, another Railway worker, Jagdish Prasad said, “This was indeed a case of beheading first and then the body being dumped.”

“I have been working as a key-man for the last one year and have been a gate-man for the last 10 years. I know how a body gets decapitated on the railway track. The way the body was found, it can never be decapitated by a train. Someone cut his head and only then placed him on the tracks. There needs to be some kind of injury on the body related to being run over by a train, at least as a result of force but in this case, there were no such marks. If a train severs a body, then parts are found along the railway route,” said Prasad.

“Apart from the severed head, I only saw the hole near the intestinal area. He was wearing a trouser, shirt and a pair of slippers. I noticed that his towel was new. The body must have been there for three to four hours,” he said.
Ummar along with Tahir Khan and Javed Khan with whom he had purchased cows in Alwar was stopped by some “gau rakshaks” (cow vigilantes) and attacked with firearms.
Ummar died of a bullet wound on the spot.