Do Alpha males really exist?

London [UK]: Why does every man wants to be an ‘alpha male’? Because an alpha male is strong, successful, confident, tall and attractive.
But, the real question is – Do ‘Alpha Males’ really exist?

Stefan Djordjevic, who runs an online course called ‘How to Approach Women – Effective Ways to Be More Alpha,’ believes that not only do alpha males exist, but anyone can learn to be one, as reported by The Independent.

Djordjevic shared that, “studying female behaviour is a science just like biology and physics.”

According to him, men can learn to be more confident with women, and he endeavours to teach them his ways.

“The course is designed for people who are shy, awkward or strange in some way. I used to be extremely shy and awkward, until I learned the secrets to public speaking and female-male conversation. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!” said Djordjevic.

He noted that the majority of his clients are single males between the age of 18 and 27, who needed an “extra boost when it comes to talking to women. Whether that’s fear of rejection, lack of confidence, or an underlying social phobia, the course helps to break through that barrier.”

Dr. Vinita Mehta, a clinical researcher believes that “socially dominant men hold sway with many women, and can invoke feelings of inferiority among men.”

But all the previous researches prove that alpha males are anything more than a myth.

“What too often goes missing in discussions about being ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’ is that status is context specific,” said psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman.

He added, “A CEO of a Fortune 500 company has a high level of status in our society, but if he was thrown into the general population at Sing Sing Prison, he’d find himself at the very bottom of the pecking order. You can be an alpha amongst one group, and a beta in another.”

Djordjevic stated that all men have the capacity to be alpha or beta and can sway back and forth between the two.

One of the earliest studies into the link between dominance and attraction was conducted in 1987.

The researchers found that while “dominance” was considered sexually attractive, “aggressive” and “domineering” tendencies did not make men more attractive. Which will be unsurprising news to women the world over.

A further study broke down the idea of dominance into two types and found women respond differently to both: whilst being assertive and confident is considered attractive, being demanding, violent or self-centered is not.

But does that mean the idea of typically alpha men being most attractive to women is a myth?

However, Kauffman believes that “the most attractive male is really a blend of characteristics, including assertiveness, kindness, cultivated skills and a genuine sense of value in this world. The true alpha is fuller, deeper, and richer.”

Neuroscientist Dean Burnett noted, “Maybe the supposed human alpha male is a combination of disgruntled male wish fulfillment and borderline-pseudoscientific justification for resorting to bullying, intimidation and generally all-round unpleasant behaviour by men hoping to impose their will on a world they find too complex and unnerving so revert to their baser instincts to get what they want, despite knowing deep down they don’t deserve it and shouldn’t have it?” (ANI)