Along with Kapus, Muslims should also get reservation

Hyderabad: After the violent agitation of Kapu Community for reservations, the GO Ms.30 issued by the then Congress Govt. led by Mr. Vijay Bhasker Reddy has become the hot topic of discussions.

It may be noted that GO Ms. 30 was issued on 25th August 1994 in which 14 categories of backward classes were given reservations. The Muslims were placed on the top of this list whereas the Kapus were placed on 2nd. The list included Balija, Telaga, Vannadi and Quraish (Muslim Butchers) but after the changeover of the Govt., this GO could not be implemented. Mr. Vijay Bhasker Reddy had issued this GO before facing General Elections. After this Pattu Swami Commission was constituted to look into the grievances of BC community. Govt. had issued G.O. number 86 in which the Muslims were also given reservations on par with BC communities. After the defeat of Congress Govt., TDP assumed power which shelved both these GOs into cold storage.

It may be noted that Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the then Minister for Minorities Welfare played an important role in getting GOs 30 and 86 issued. On account of TDP not taking interest in providing reservations, extension was given to Pattu Swamy Commission for six times. The commission continued for nine years but it did not submit any report to the Govt.

In 2009, when Dr. YSR assumed power as CM, Mr. Shabbir again made an attempt for providing reservations to Muslims. Govt. issued GO Ms 33 in which 5% reservations was given to the Muslims which the High Court of A.P. set aside. Later Govt. constituted a BCs Commission under the Chairmanship of Justice Subramaniam. On the recommendation of this commission, Govt. decided to give 4% reservations to Muslims which is still in vogue. Although the matter is pending in the Supreme Court, interim orders have been given by the court for the continuation of 4% reservations.

Now that Kapu Community has started an intensive campaign for reservation, Muslim leaders and Muslim organizations should exert their pressure on the Govt. for providing reservations to Muslims. If Muslims leaders and Muslim organizations joint the Kapu community in their protest, it is hoped that the TDP Govt. led by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu would be compelled to provide reservations.

On the other hand TRS had promised in its election manifesto to provide 12% reservations for Muslims. It constituted Sudheer Commission of Enquiry. The Govt. is awaiting the report of Sudheer Commission. The Govt. is giving an assurance that it will provide 12% reservations to Muslims by passing a resolution in the State Assembly but it is not possible without getting a recommendation from BCs Commission.

It may be mentioned that the then Advocate General had clarified in the High Court of A.P. in 1994 that reservations could only be provided on the recommendations of BCs Commission. In 2004 High Court of A.P. had set aside 5% reservations to Muslims on the pretext that this decision was taken without obtaining the recommendations of BCs Commission.

-Siasat News