Almond, its kernel weaken on muted demand

Newe delhi: Prices of almond and its kernel ended lower at the dry fruits market in the national capital today on subdued demand from retailers against adequate stocks.

However, other dry fruits held steady in thin trade.

Marketmen said sluggish demand from retailers against sufficient stocks position, mainly led to decline in almond and its kernel prices.

Almond (California) drifted lower by Rs 200 to Rs 16,800-17,000 per 40 kg. Its kernel followed suit and shed Rs 5 at Rs 605-610 per kg.

Following are today’s quotations (per 40 kgs):

Almond (California) Rs 16,800-17,000,Almond(Gurbandi-new) Rs 12,200-12,300, Almond (Girdhi) Rs 5,700-5,800; Abjosh Afghani Rs 8,000-23,000.

Almond Kernel (California-new) Rs 605-610 per kg, Almond Kernel (Gurbandi-new) Rs 725-825 per kg.
Chilgoza (Roasted-new) (1 kg) Rs 2,800-3,100

Cashew Kernel 1 kg (no 180) Rs 1,070-1,080 Cashew Kernel (no 210) Rs 950-960

Cashew Kernel (no 240) Rs 910-920

Cashew Kernel (no 320) Rs 780-790

Cashew Kernel Broken 2 pieces Rs 735-775 Cashew Kernel Broken 4 pieces Rs 705-755 Cashew Kernel Broken 8 pieces Rs 605-660 Copra (qtl) Rs 9,000-11,500

Coconut Powder (25 kgs) Rs 3,900-4,400

Dry Dates Red (qtl) Rs 2,800-12,000

Fig Rs 15,000-30,000

Kishmish Kandhari Local Rs 10,000-15,000 Kishmish Kandhari Special Rs 10,000-25,000 Kishmish Indian Yellow Rs 3,000-4,700

Kishmish Indian Green Rs 4,200-8,200

Pistachio Irani Rs 1,025-1,125

Pistachio Hairati Rs 1,430-1,485

Pistachio Peshawari Rs 1,550-1,600

Pistachio Dodi (Roasted) 720-850

Walnut Rs 310-460

Walnut Kernel (1 kg) Rs 820-1,470.