Allu Arjun should tender an apology for insulting the RTC: Sajjanar

Hyderabad: TSRTC Managing Director Sajjanar today said that noted Telugu Film Hero Allu Arjun should tender an apology for insulting the RTC, a public service corporation. He informed a section of media that Arjun has acted in an advertisement which belittles the state RTC.

The MD said that the actors should behave in a manner to protect the interests of people and any organizations.

They can act and not hurt others for the advertisement or films, he suggested. We have no problem with the actor or Rapido organization which shot the advertisement that belittles the image of RTC, he said. For this we have served a notice to Arjun who should tender an apology immediately, or face action, Sajjannar warned.

The actors are more responsible towards society and they cannot cause insult or inconvenience to others, Sajjannar said. We have served a notice to the actor seeking him to tender an apology he clarified.

We will take legal action if the actor fails to tender an apology, he said. My childhood, education and college time went on the RTC buses, he said. Sajjannar said that he will make efforts to strengthen the corporation to move on the growth path and earn benefits. We plan to make benefits by improving services through TSRTC, Sajjannar said.