Allah is our Lord, we should not be afraid of anyone: Kader Khan in an old video

Kader Khan is an Afghan-born Indian-Canadian film actor, screenwriter, comedian, and director. In an old video, he lamented the disintegration among Muslims. He says there is no one to unite Muslims. If Muslims unite they will become a great power. The world is meting out whatever treatment it likes to Muslims, just because we are not united.

He said Muslims should ask themselves who they are? Who is their leader? Muslims are the community who have a glorious past. They believe that Allah is their Lord. Allah sent a number of prophets to provide guidance to humanity. He says when we believe that Allah is our Lord then we should not be afraid of anyone.

Bollywood legend Kader Khan is said to have become wheelchair bound after not keeping well in recent years. The 79-year-old actor is reportedly facing difficulty in talking.