Anas b. Mâlik (RadiyAllahu Anhu) relates that the Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said:

“If anyone possesses three qualities, he will experience the sweetness of faith: That Allah and His Messenger are dearer to him than anything else, that he loves another person solely for Allah’s sake, and that he hates lapsing into unbelief as much as he would hate being cast into the fire.”
[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (15) and Sahîh Muslim (60)]

The greatest and noblest love our hearts can contain is the love of Allah and the love of His Messenger. The love that we have in our hearts for Allah and for His Messenger is a blessing. It is Allah’s gift to us, and we should praise Him and thank Him for it. Our gratitude to Allah should not only be expressed in words, but also in the wholesomeness of our deeds – and that is by living the life our Beloved wants us to live.

Furthermore, we should be concerned with cultivating this love in our hearts, increasing it and strengthening it. This article is concerned with some of the ways we can achieve this.


The first of these is the blessing of our very existence. Our lives and our health are all Allah’s creations. Our physical forms, our families, our friends and relatives… these are all blessings that most of us who enjoy them take for granted. We do not count them among our blessings.

More important than all of these blessings is the blessing of faith and the blessing of the good deeds that we do. Most people enjoy the blessings of life, health, and family. But how many of those people does Allah choose to enjoy the blessing of faith and the blessing of living a virtuous life? Each one of us should value that Allah chose us among the more than six billion people on the Earth to be blessed with faith. Each one of us who prays and fasts and engages in righteous deeds should consider the blessing that Allah chose us to do so among the billions who are not doing so. Those of us who are constant in prayer should count that as another blessing. Our chance to aspire to stronger faith and more virtue is, again, Allah’s favor upon us. Our love for Allah and for His Messenger is Allah’s blessing.

To increase the love that we have for Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), we should remind ourselves of the fact that he conveyed to us Allah’s Message. We should study his biography and recount the terrible suffering he had to bear, and the tremendous dedication he showed in conveying that message. His patience, forbearance, and striving was all so that he could convey to us what would guide us to our own salvation – and, by Allah’s grace, to Allah’s eternal reward.


We should recall Allah’s most noble names and qualities at every occasion of our lives, whether the event be major or minor. We should ponder on the evidence of Allah’s attributes in the magnificence of His creation. We should also consider His infinite mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and strength. This will increase our love for Him.

To increase the love that we have for Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), we should remind ourselves of the noble qualities Allah blessed him to have. Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) had the most perfect character humanly attainable. The sacrifices he made were the greatest and most honorable. His bravery was legendary, his patience astounding. Through all of his hardships, he was always cheerful of countenance, generous, and kind to others; always taking every opportunity to help people. We cannot hope to enumerate all of his qualities here. However, any fair-minded person who learns about his true character from his authentic biography cannot help but love him.


If we look at what Allah has created, the complexity and perfection of natural laws, we can get some appreciation of the magnificence of the Creator. Allah is All-Powerful. At the same time, He is just. We know He will never wrong any of us.


When we look at our own behavior, we see our shortcomings. We do not do justice to our Lord and Creator. Nevertheless, He has mercy on us. He does not punish us for our transgressions, but continues to give us more chances, more opportunities to turn to Him in repentance. Indeed, Allah loves those who are penitent. He loves those who purify themselves.

Glory be to Allah! We should consider how weak we are before our Lord. He is All-Powerful, yet we disobey Him. We flaunt His commands. In His mercy, he gives us more time, and loves it when we finally return to Him. This is how merciful He is.