All vacancies to be filled soon, says RRB chairman on Railway jobs

New Delhi: The process of filling vacancies in the Indian Railways, which has become the lifeline of development of the country, has started and in the coming time all these will be filled.

The assurance was given by the newly appointed Chairman and CEO of the Railway Board, Suneet Sharma, during an exclusive interaction with ANI.

Sharma said, “We have started examinations through Railway Recruitment Board. Exams were also held in December. This is a continuous process and there is a lot of recruitment to be done. We will take care of the facilities for the candidates so that candidates can give exams properly. Hopefully we will be able to fill our vacancies in the coming time.”

He also assured those who have been selected, including a large number of Assistant Loco Pilots (ALP), that if they are not trained, they will also get a message very soon.

Sharma said that he would like to tell all the candidates that our training centres were affected during the pandemic.

“That is why, due to not running smoothly, we had to stop some people. But, now we have started training in all training centres. Whatever candidates have been provided to us by the Railway Recruitment Board, their training has started and if no one is able to start then it will start very soon,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that, in continuation of the campaign against the coronavirus epidemic, the Railways had notified 1,40,000 vacancies. There were a total of 2,42,00,000 applications and computer-based test has been started from December 15, 2020. (ANI)