All those in dock are levelling allegations against me: Prime Minister Modi

Jodhpur: Mounting a ferocious attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that all those who are in the dock are levelling allegations against him.

“It has been five years and there is not even a single accusation of corruption against your ‘Chowkidar.’ The one who levelled allegations is standing in the dock,” said Prime Minister Modi, while addressing an election rally here. Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday expressed regret before the Supreme Court over his ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ remark in connection with the apex court order of April 10 in Rafale case, saying that he made the remark during ‘hectic political campaigning without seeing, reading or analysing the order.’

Accusing the Congress party of neglecting security needs of the country, Modi said: “When India got independence, we as the nation had the experience of 150 years in weapon making. Today, China has become an exporter of weapons, and we are the largest defence importer.”

“This is the criminal negligence of the Congress party, a fact about the Congress party’s attitude towards the country’s security,” he said, adding the world respects a nation because of its capabilities.
“In the past, we had the capability but we did not have a confident government. Our forces were always brave, but we lacked a decisive government. We lacked a government which could give a free hand to our forces,” he said.

Terming the Congress manifesto as a document of false promises, Prime Minister Modi said: “It seems more like a trumpet of Pakistan. Congress wants to remove the Army from Kashmir and wants to take away the rights of our soldiers.”

Prime Minister Modi also criticised the Congress party for its stand over terrorism.
“During the Congress rule, Pune blast took place. The Congress remained silent. The blast occurred in Mumbai, but the Congress kept quiet. The blasts occurred in Delhi, but the Congress went dumb,” he said.

“Innocent people who were worshipping were killed. We saw what happened in Sri Lanka on Sunday but the Congress and its courtiers say that terrorism is not an issue.” He also criticised the Congress party for promoting dynastic politics.

Taking a jibe at Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Modi said: “Now, the Chief Minister is roaming in Jodhpur not to save the Congress but to save his son.”

He also alleged that the Chief Minister was more close to the “family” in Delhi. “He is seen more in Delhi than in Jaipur,” said Prime Minister Modi.

“The ecosystem of Congress will decimate. The Congress and its courtiers have to lose to Modi,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also warned that those living illegally in India and using its resources will be dealt with stringently. He also said that those who were mistreated in Pakistan, provisions will be made for their citizenship in India.

He also accused the Congress party of misleading voters in the name of farm loan waiver and reservation. “The Congress party always spoke about reservation in their manifesto but Modi gave reservation and stood by that,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also took a jibe at the economic policies of the Congress party, saying that whenever the Congress comes to power inflation increases.

“Inflation and Congress go hand in hand. Now even our opponents are not talking about inflation,” he said.

Polls to 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan are scheduled to be conducted in two phases on April 29 and May 6. The results will be announced on May 23.