All Muslims have tremendous affection and devotion for Hazrat Ali, says Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that no sect of the Muslim can claim monopoly for the love and affection for Hazrat Ali. Sunni Muslims also have equal devotion and respect for Hazrat Ali like Shia Muslims.

Despite the presence of a large number of lovers of Hazrat Ali, it is very regrettable that a hall could not be constructed to commemorate him. He told that every year, memorial functions are held at Salarjung Hall.

He was addressing as the Chief Guest on the occasion of Hazrat Ali’s the birthday celebration function organized by Nahjul Balagha Society of Hyderabad.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan suggested that a committee should be constituted which should write to the Govt. for allotting land for the construction of a hall to commemorate Hazrat Ali.

He also told that fund raising is no problem. If sincere efforts are launched, money would be showered from the Sky.

He recalled that he came to know about Nahjul Balagha while he was travelling from Saudi Arabia to Tehran 40-45 years ago. A fellow passenger gave him the English translation of Nahjul Balagha with a request to explain its contents.

He mentioned that Siasat Urdu Daily has been publishing the quotes of Hazrat Ali regularly.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Shaukat Ali Mirza, President of Nahjul Balagha Society rendered various poems written depicting the love of Hazrat Ali.

He highlighted the society in which Hazrat Ali was born.

He mentioned that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had taken Hazrat Ali under his care when Hazrat Ali was five years old.

Dr. Syeda Fatima also addressed the gathering. Mr. Roshan Banarasi and Agha Sarosh rendered poetic tributes in honour of Hazrat Ali.

Mr. Taqui Askari Vila conducted the meeting.

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