All Flights diverted after rocket attack at Tripoli airport

Just less than a week after UN brokered a truce between rival militias in Tripoli, residents in Libya witnessed rockets fired at Libya’s only functional airport ‘Matiga’ in Tripoli, forcing flights to be diverted, according to reports published in Al-Jazeera.

Matiga Airport Spokesman said there were no casualties reported so far while many Libyan channels reported several people were wounded by the rockets fired at the airport.

With Matiga Airport in Tripoli, rival militias have been continuing fighting in the region for several days now.

A Libyan Airlines flight from Alexandria, Egypt, bound for Tripoli was diverted to Misrata, the airport said on its official Facebook page.

While a spokesperson for Misrata Airport confirmed all flights for Tripoli would be diverted to Misrata.

Meanwhile, Daesh group claimed responsibility for carrying out the shooting attack on the Libyan state oil NOC headquarters in Tripoli which killed two NOC staff members while wounded 10 others.