All the banks of Saryu River are my ancestral property: Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui

New Delhi: Criticizing over stopping of Muslim devotees from performing Wudu on the bank of Saryu River in Ayodhya, Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui claimed that the River is his ancestral property and his father had donated the land to Hindus.

In a press statement sent to Delhi based news daily ‘Inquilab’, Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui said the programme of Muslim Rashtra Manch had to be postponed as Hindus didn’t allow them to offer ablution at the bank of Saryu River. He revealed that all the banks of Saryu River are his ancestral property. ‘With the permission of my ancestors, the devotees had kept their respective ‘takht’ on the banks of the river to perform rituals. They used to pay a monthly rent of one ‘ana’ per ‘takht’, he said.

‘After my father took over the management he stopped taking rent saying that he doesn’t feel good taking rent from Hindus for performing rituals on which the Hindus told my father that they won’t let him forego this right. On this, my father said he is donating all the banks on which the ‘takht’ are kept.

Justice Siddiqui lamented the turn of events and said that it is ironical that now Muslims can’t offer wudu on those banks which were once my family property.