Ali Fazal mentors football enthusiasts from Lucknow

Mumbai: Actor Ali Fazal has taken on the onus to mentor young football enthusiasts from his hometown Lucknow while shooting for the movie “Prasthaanam”.

In the past, Ali had mentored a team of children from Shillong.

The “Victoria & Abdul” actor said in a statement: “When I worked with the amazing team at Shillong and seeing the kids and their hard work, it really reminded me of my training not too long ago when I was an athlete during my college days.

“Being a fan of football, I have always had immense interest in the sport on and off the field. And when I met these young, very enthusiastic kids in Lucknow while I was shooting there, I was really impressed with their talent on field. I feel that with the right mentoring they can do a lot in the sport.”

He also hopes to help get sponsors so that professional equipment can be bought for the children.